Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Walking the Dogs, Cursing the Sky

Long dog walk today, which was nice. If the calendar didn't say differently - I'd swear it was June. (I'm totally ready for some rain, enough with the constant sunshine already.)

"Every Day" by Jim Benton
I'm pretty sure little Vida has gone completely blind now... and I'm going to order a dog leash that says "Blind Dog" on it or something. I'm hoping that will help, since absent any "notification", people don't appear to pay attention to anything except their phones - and I just can't seem to keep her out of the way of others and everything else.  

Particularly while Lucy and SueKaye are pulling pulling pulling (and pulling) to really really smell that thing just beyond the end of the leash. To smell it really hard... and then possibly eat it. Or maybe pee right in a very particular spot - that one of them just smelled - each one right after the other. And then pull in opposite directions. While Vida walks into something. And I trip and curse the sky.

Now, after a long city walk in the sun, and lots of the dogs smelling things so very hard ... it's the perfect moment for a nap. Cuddling will be done. There are clouds in the distance. Perhaps we'll awake to some rain, and then go out again, for an evening walk in the fresh air, for more things to smell so hard. (or walk into. or curse. or what have you.)

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