Friday, December 4, 2015

I'm Unable to Read This

And the category is: Good news/Bad news. I bought new cheap reader glasses at the drug store today. I can read without squinting again. Yay! My eyesight is getting progressively worse. Boo!

I remember going to the eye doctor when I first began having problems reading a while ago. Tests and tests (and then, some more tests) followed.

"Is this better?" Uh, I guess.

"What about this?" Worse.

"And this, or this?" The second.

"And this? How is this?" Was that a trick question? No difference. Are you trying to trick me? Don't try to trick me!

"Okay, what about this?"

There was an eon of that, back and forth, on and on, until the verdict: I could no longer read without glasses. (Yeah, thanks for that news flash.)

Knowing that of course there could be any number of potential issues, I ask "So, is there anything else to worry about?"

He doesn't even look up. "Nope. You're just getting old."

Seriously. He said that, exactly that. Bedside manner, FAIL.

"You SO could've put that better!" I exclaim. "How about, after all that you have seen, after the vagaries and multitudes of life and living that has passed in front of you, your eyes have grown tired. They need to rest. Let's help them rest ... You know, something like that."

He laughed.

So, anyway, I bought new glasses today. I got new glasses today, and NOT because I'm even older now than I was then. My eyes are tired. There is much that they have seen, absorbed, focused upon and considered, scrutinized and helped to transform into understanding, viewed near and afar... and now, they need more rest.

Is it any wonder? They need more rest.

I'm helping them.

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