Saturday, November 21, 2015

You know that feeling...

That feeling you get when you're walking in the city, and you see this woman who you think you know and you wave at her and smile, and only after you're waving and smiling you realize that you've never actually seen this particular woman ever before in your life ever.

And so you try to play off that you weren't waving at her and look past her, like there's someone else there that you were waving at, and she turns and sees that there is no one there but her and realizes that you were totally waving and smiling at her.

And then, rather than simply saying "sorry I thought you were someone else" or something like that as you pass her, you decide to turn this moment into one of friendliness and greeting so you say "hi, I hope you're having a great day" as you begin to pass each other.

And, rather than joining in on the moment of friendliness and greeting, she looks at you like you're Creepy Joe McCreepster. And you want to say "no, it wasn't like that at all" or something and explain, but now she's already passed you and you feel like Creepy Joe McCreepster even though you're totally not.

And then you notice the person across the street who is sitting outside having a coffee at Stumptown, and realize they watched the entire thing and now they're looking at you like you're Creepy Joe McCreepster even though you're absolutely not.

And you want to say something but realize that is totally what Creepy Joe McCreepster would do, so you just put your head down and keep walking.

Yeah, I hate that feeling. Totally.

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