Friday, November 13, 2015

Just Plain Nuts

I'm in the evaluation stage of pursuing treatment for major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. It was no small accomplishment to take this step. I expect that at some point I'll go into it more on this blog (exciting, I know), but that point isn't really now.
Just Plain Nuts, by Gary Larsen, "The Far Side"

During the evaluation, which continues with another appointment next week, there were a few things that were said which landed on fully functioning memory brain cells. (Fully functioning memory cells are an increasingly rare and precious resource.) So, I'm going to put them in this blog. Why not?

  • "You're a difficult case."
  • "You need to stop that."
  • "That's a really long time. Why do you think that is?"
  • "You're very likable."
  • "What is it you see at the end of this? What is it that you want?"
  • "You just need to get over that."
  • "Exercise is the magic pill. If I could synthesize the effects of exercise into a pill, I'd make a shitload of money."
  • "You're obviously an intelligent and caring person."
  • "You've done amazingly well over a long period of time, considering. It's time to help you."

Amazingly well is obviously defined very loosely. Or a comment that depends heavily on perspective. Or a white lie said as encouragement and support. One of those.

Thankfully, "just plain nuts" hasn't been said. Yet. There's still time.

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