Sunday, November 22, 2015

Express Yourself

Lucy, SueKaye, and Vida photo by Tom Thomas
Took the pups to the vet today. It's a "drop-in" (no appointments) vet; we've only been going there a short time.

"Hi, they're so cute! And what can we do for you today?"

"Hi. My name is Tom, and this is SueKaye, Lucy and Vida."

She greets the pups, and then goes back to the computer to bring their records up.

"Today it's nail trims and anal gland expressions, all around."

Silence, while she is typing. A silence that, for some reason, I just had to fill.

"Not for me."
"I mean, I could use a manicure, but I'm sure my anal glands are fine."

A guy waiting for the vet to see his dog found this amusing. I suppose I could've used this as a starting point for a conversation with him, but I didn't. I'm not sure what I would've said after that anyway. "And, how are your anal glands?" Segues are hard!

It was probably best that I didn't. Besides, it would seem that I just self-expressed sufficiently for the day.

Also, they don't do manicures.

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